Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Types of Vitamin for Hair and Nails Your Body Needs

People can see and tell whether you are in healthy condition or not by seeing hair and nails. Those two parts of your body are the sign of your health. Based on the Mayo Clinic, nails are almost fully made of protein and hair also absorbs the nutrition given. To make them strong and shiny, you need vitamin for hair and nails no matter if you take all-in-one supplements, consume healthy foods and avoid bad habits you always do before.

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What Kinds of Vitamin for Hair and Nails You Need to Consume

 To know the right vitamin for hair and nails, you have to know the types of vitamin you need to get which are proved as the best nutrition for your nails and hair as the following:

  • Vitamin C

The first vitamin you need to have is of course the most important element for your body which is Vitamin C. This is the essential thing you can’t produce by your body and you can get it from foods or supplements. Why Vitamin C is so important for your body? It can produce the substance called collagen and collagen is important for nails and hair. If you don’t have enough collagen in your body, then you can get some symptoms like hair splits, thin hair, dry nails and your hair along with nail can grow faster. Besides that, Vitamin C is important for immune system and it can heal bruises and cuts faster.

  • Vitamin H

Perhaps you never heard about it but Vitamin H is a part of Vitamin B-complex which can’t be stored but your body can produce it by bacteria which live inside your intestines. Based on the University of Maryland Medical Center, Biotin’s deficiency is so rare but it can occur if you absorption of nutrient is impaired by medication and illness. Vitamin H is needed for keeping your hair, skin and fingernails healthy. If you don’t have enough Biotin inside your body, then you can get brittle nails and poor growth of your hair. Nowadays, you can get biotin from drug store or you can consume food that contains this Vitamin.

  • Iron

A mineral you need to have inside your body is iron because it can produce the cells all over your body. You can find it inside the blood which is attached to molecules of oxygen. Iron can occur as the result of absorption of nutrients is impaired by medication and illness. If you don’t have enough iron in your body, the most common symptom you may experience is anemia including fatigue according to National Institutes of Health.

Fill your need of vitamin for hair and nails but if you can’t fill it through foods, you can choose supplements either.

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