Monday, November 6, 2017

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth is Possible


Who doesn’t want to have white and shiny teeth? Many people want it so they can smile widely everywhere and show their healthy tips. They also avoid some foods and drinks that can make their teeth turn yellow. Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth are possible though many people say you can’t do it since there are so many whitening options you can choose based on the perfect one and also your budget. You can own your perfect smile for long time.

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You Can Do Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

When it comes to teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, you need to be careful before taking an action. Sensitive teeth are different from normal teeth. If you have sensitive skin, you can use two whitening methods which are non bleaching or bleaching products. While doing bleaching, you need to use peroxide as the main ingredient and peroxide can change your natural color of your teeth and it lightens both internal and surface stains. However, if you use non bleaching products, then the products will focus on surface stains only but the internal stains will not be removed.

Sensitivity is something common for your teeth and this is the side effect after whitening it or after bleaching method based on the ADA or American Dental Association. Also, for those who don’t have sensitive teeth in the beginning will feel the sensation of pain right at the beginning after whitening treatment. It is caused by the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and it reaches the layers and after that, it stimulates the nerve ending. Actually, bleaching method can irritate your gums in your mouth especially when the trays which are used for whitening agent are not suitable very well.

However, for those who already have sensitive teeth that want to have perfect smile with white teeth, many people recommend you to get non bleaching product which can be used by yourself at home without going to dentist. You can also use natural ingredient which are believed to whiten teeth naturally.

You can consult first to your dentist if you want to do teeth whitening for sensitive teeth so you can get the perfect smile as you wanted without disturbing your teeth. , , , ,

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