Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Get Rid of Acne Marks with Sugar?

When someone tries removing acne but it has not dried yet, then the acne will leave scar and marks that can’t be removed easily. Your skin will not be smooth anymore and it is bad for women. They will lose confidence to face other people or take close up photo because they don’t want their face to be seen. So, how to get rid of acne marks to get the clean face back? You can use something natural and organic ingredients to soften your skin.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Using Natural Ingredient

Pimple marks can make you lose confidence and you will not be ready in facing other people with your current face right not. So, how to get rid of acne marks? It is not the simple thing to do because you need to search for something natural and organic for your face because chemical products will make it worse. Pimple marks will make your face look like a bumpy road or moon. The surface is not smooth so you can’t face to face with other people without putting on some make up to cover it.

Scrubbing is the perfect way for you to get your smooth skin back and you can use seasonings inside your kitchen like sugar. Sugar is not just the sweetener inside your foods and drinks. Sometimes sugar is considered as bad ingredients for some people because you can gain weight if you consume it in huge amount, your sugar level will make you sick and more. However, sugar is skin’s best friend and this is the best therapy for your acne scar and the most important thing is it is homemade.

Actually sugar contains alpha hydroxy and also glycolic acid which can remove dead skin and also it can support the new cell generation. You just need to simply mix the organic sugar made of pure sugar cane with olive oil. Mix it with 2:1 ratio and then you just need to add some drops of lemon juice until it forms like a pasta but not too watery. Scrub your face with this mixture with round movement. You just need to do this way once in every two or three days. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it.

After that, you can use moisture to make it soft. It is better for you to search for natural and organic moisture product with Vitamin E inside because your face needs it so much. Vitamin E can heal your pimple marks and soften your skin face so you will get the better and quick result without waiting too long.

How to get rid of acne marks? Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend much money in getting your smooth skin back since sugar is your solution. , , , ,

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