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Foods for Building Strong Muscles and Bones

Foods for Building Strong Muscles and Bones

Eating properly is all about healthy lifestyle. Most people are mistaken by the notion that such concept is only about managing their diet and weight. You have to take into account the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in order to keep all your body systems functioning well, and to make sure that your bones as well as muscle are healthy and strong.

In my weight-emphasize-lifestyle, it is so easy to get so preoccupied on the fat as well as calories present in the food that we consume which we fail to ponder how certain meal will influence our body. Are you aware of the fact that every single nutrient will exert particular impact to our body? How would the meal we consume help us to keep our body’s structure healthy and strong?

Building strong bones

While both vitamin D and calcium can be taken from supplements, it is actually best to ensure their intake through a natural dietary plan. What foods do you need to eat to ensure your strong bones? Here are the best foods for healthy bones.

  • Yogurt

Most of the yogurts that are available at market are packed with vitamin D, and you can get 30% of your calcium intake on daily basis from yogurt.

  • Milk

Even though this is the staple in kid’s diet, a lot of adults do not drink milk. An 8-ounce glass of milk will get you 30% of our daily dose of calcium. You had better choose milk which is packed with vitamin D, and you will obtain even more benefits.

  • Tuna and Salmon

Not only are these good for your heart, but tuna and salmon is great for your bones. 3 ounce of salmon or tuna provide more than your daily need of vitamin D.

  • Spinach

Do not skip on the greens, particularly spinach. Even just one cup of cooked spinach will get you 25%of your required daily dose of calcium. It also provides lots of fiber, vitamin A, and fiber.

  • Fortified foods

Store-purchased foods, such as orange juice and cereals are packed with minerals and vitmains like calcium and vitamin D.

Foods to Help You Build Strong Muscle

Hereunder are the best powerhouses for proteins, which you need to ensure strong and healthy muscles.

  • Lean Meats

A huge, juice steak might sound so tasty, yet if you are trying t obtain the most out of it, you need to choose pork, chicken, and lean cut of red meat.

  • Fish

Salmon is perfect powerhouse of lean protein and you will get two benefits of strengthening your muscles and bones as you have your salmon for dinner!

  • Greek Yogurt

This does not contain the vitamin D and calcium which regular yogurt provides, yet it is rich in protein. In fact, there are nearly 24 grams of protein contained in a cup of Greek Yogurt.

  • Eggs

A breakfast without consuming eggs truly is not a breakfast at all. Even though you can simply cut calorie by consuming whites only, the yolk is great source of everything good for your body. , , ,

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