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When Children Should See their Dentist to Get Dental Health Service: Part Two

When Children Should See their Dentist to Get Dental Health Service: Part Two

During your first dental visit with your children, the dentist should be able to respond to any questions about your children’s dental health and also try to make you and your little ones comfortable during the whole visit. The entire dental professionals should also provide a relaxed and non-threatening environment for children as a part of good dental health service.

When Should the Next Dental Visit be?

Children, just like adults, should see the dentist every 6 months. Some dentists may even schedule interim trips for every 3 months when the children are very young in order to build up a comfort and confidence level or so as to treat a developing dental problem.



How can Parents Find A Good Dentist for Their Children?

A lot of general dentists treat children. If yours do not, you can ask for referral to a good pediatric dentist in your region. For sure, a word-of-mouth recommendation from a family member or friends can also exert the name of highly qualified dentist.

How can Parents Protect their Children’ Dental Health at Home?

Typically parents are to provide dental hygiene care until the children are old enough to take charge of personal responsibility for the daily dental health routine of flossing as well as brushing. Indeed a proper regiment of preventive home care is so important from the day your child is born.

Parents need to clean their infants’ gum with a clean, damp cloth right after each feeding. As soon as the first teeth erupt, you need to start brushing with small, soft-bristled tooth brush and pure water. If you consider using toothpaste before your children reach their second birthday, you should ask your dentist first.

In order to avoid baby bottle tooth decay and teeth misalignment because of sucking, parents need to try to wean their children off the breast and bottle by 1 year of age, and keep track of any excessive sucking of pacifiers, thumbs, and fingers. Never give your children a bottle of milk, sweetened liquid, or juice as pacifier during the naptime or bedtime as this can trigger bacteria which can trigger tooth decay.

It is also important that parents help their young child brush at night, which is the most important time to brush, because of lower saliva flow and higher susceptibility to tooth decay. Presumably simply let the child brush his or her teeth first to establish self-confidence, and then parents can follow up so as to assure that all plaque is removed. Commonly at the age of 5 or so, the children will learn to brush his or her teeth with the proper parental instruction. For sure, the best way to teach a child how to brush his or her teeth is to lead by proper exemplification. Allowing your children to watch you brush your teeth will be great demonstration of tooth brushing and teach the importance of dental and oral hygiene.

All in all, starting early trips to a dentist will be a great start in getting good dental health service for your children, and thus assure their healthy smiles for many years to come. ,

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