Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10 Food Toppings for Great Weight Loss Diets

10 Food Toppings for Great Weight Loss Diets 

Many people start a diet and hope to lose plenty of weight fast. A few weeks into their diet plan, they realize that they are not losing any weight.

Disheartened, they forget the diet plan and return to their old routine. More often than not, this is usually caused by incorrect food choices, particularly in the toppings they use. Take a look below at 10 food toppings that can ruin great weight loss diets.

1. Salt

Salt is an important element of your diet and its lack causes a wide range of problems such as cramps. Overused as a topping for your favorite food, it can cause high blood pressure and a slew of other problems. As such, try using healthier sea salt as an alternative topping, or skip it altogether.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is usually a favorite topping for salads. While olive oil contains plenty of healthy unsaturated fats, it is, like other oils, high in calories. Overused, it can render your diet and exercise ineffective. As such, use it sparingly.

3. Salad dressings

Dieters know that undressed salads can seem rather bland. As such, they add a number of different dressings, both creamy and watery. Unfortunately, most of these dressings contain plenty of fat, salt, and/or sugar. Replace such dressings with healthy vinaigrettes.

4. Butter

Whether it is on pancakes, toast or chicken, butter is rarely the right choice as a topping. Choose healthier alternatives such as honey, homemade spreads and lemon. If you must use it, choose healthy low-fat variants.

5. Ice cream

Many cakes have a bit of ice cream placed on top to make it taste even better. Unfortunately, they add plenty of calories to something that already has plenty. As such, skip it altogether.

6. Chocolate

Whether it is on ice cream, cake, pancakes, waffles, pop tarts, strawberries or biscuits, chocolate as a topping is a bad idea. While it may add flavor and texture, it also adds calories and can reduce the effectiveness of your diet.

7. Nuts

Used as a garnish, nuts boost the flavor of any dish. While most nuts are healthy, they have plenty of fat in them. Try healthier nuts such as macadamia nuts. With very little fat per ounce, they make great toppings.

8. Ketchup

No matter how you look at it, ketchup is full of sugar, salt and a variety of artificial flavors and preservatives. As such, use either very little or none at all. We recommend switching to homemade salsas.

9. Barbecue sauce

If you’re a meat lover, you know that this applies to you. Barbecue sauce is a great topping but, unfortunately, makes even the healthiest meats unhealthy. In fact, it is the culprit in many diets. We recommend not painting your next meaty meal with barbecue sauce.

10. Cheese

Used in more ways than we can count, many forms of cheese should not be used as toppings. If you must, we recommend feta and skimmed mozzarella. If your weight loss diet is not working, perhaps you’re making one of these mistakes.

If so, it’s time to choose healthier alternatives such as those highlighted. By doing so, you can ensure that your weight loss diet works better than ever. , ,

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