Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10 Exercise Foods That Give Your Exercise Regime A Boost

10 Exercise Foods That Give Your Exercise Regime A Boost 

For those of us who need to shed unwanted fat, many exercises can seem rather difficult and even disheartening with the slow speed of results. Fortunately, there is a way, 10 in fact, to accelerate these results and receive the benefits faster than ever before. Here are the 10 exercise foods that give your exercise regime a boost.


1. Apples

Research has shown that eating apples is a natural and healthy way to improve workouts. Loaded with a number of antioxidants, including quercetin, apples help you exercise for significantly longer than ever.

2. Turkey breast

Packed with iron, protein and vitamins, turkey breast, or even thighs, help your body build muscle mass, helping you workout for longer and push yourself even harder.

3. Avocados

While they may have a relatively high fat content, it is primarily monounsaturated fat – good fat. As such, they help reduce your cholesterol, provide a decent amount of protein and contain plenty of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Further loaded with over 20 minerals, this is one workout booster you don’t want to miss.

4. Eggs

While the average egg contains over 200 milligrams of cholesterol, it also contains plenty of protein, particularly the egg white. One egg a day is an ideal way to gain plenty of iron and, of course, protein.

5. Milk

Loaded with protein, calcium and carbohydrates, milk not only gives your body the energy it needs to work out, it also gives it the protein it needs to build muscle and the calcium required to reinforce your bones.

6. Bananas

Bananas have been consumed by athletes everywhere due to their ability to limit cramps and provide plenty of energy. During your next workout, have a banana or two to really go the distance and burn more calories than ever before.

7. Greek yoghurt

With the significant amount of breathing required in any exercise, chances are that you may acquire a few infections in your respiratory system. Fortunately, Greek yoghurt not only keeps your respiratory system safe, it gives you plenty of protein and carbohydrates.

8. Milk with a hint of cocoa

While milk is great for you, adding a hint of cocoa amplifies the benefits. In fact, milk with a hint of cocoa in it has been proven to repair muscles rapidly, helping you build muscle faster.

9. Natural breakfast cereals

If you are a cereal lover, have natural whole grain cereal for breakfast instead of sugar rich variants. Add a few slices of banana, berries and a tablespoon of honey and you have an exercise booster unlike any other.


10. Honey

If you must add a sweet element to any dish, make sure it is honey. With a balanced amount of glucose and fructose, honey gives your body the energy it needs to work out for longer. Loaded with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, honey also helps with weight loss.

If you want to improve your exercises and experience the benefits of your weight loss regime faster than ever before, give your workouts the boost they need with any or all of the above 10 natural exercise boosters. ,

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