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Wigmore diet can be the best option for a vegetarian

Wigmore diet can be the best option for a vegetarian

Health enthusiasts are always finding out new creative methods and strategies to enjoy the meal. These have always been their priority in life. Strict vegetarians have always found sticking to a diet program tough and impractical. The Wigmore diet does full justice to vegetarians.

Wigmore diet can be the best option for a vegetarian

The Wigmore diet has been named after Ann Wigmore. This diet has been made more creative and healthy by adding new recipes. The food products are natural foods. The Wigmore diet stresses on no cooking at all. It includes more of green leafy vegetables which involves minimum cooking.

The ingredients mostly used are wheatgrass and fresh vegetables. The Wigmore diet follows a no cooking method of cooking. This diet believes in the thought that when foods are uncooked and unprocessed, the essential nutrients are not lost and the necessary amount of calories is absorbed by the body. Another disadvantage to this diet is that vegetarians cooking this form of food are at a greater risk of attracting the disease because it results in depletion of enzymes and also depletion in the oxygen levels.

The Wigmore diet can be classified as a detoxification diet. The side effects to this form of diet are changes in the bloodstream and lymph system. Individuals following this program also feel very tired and exhausted while on this diet program. It is advised that people who are on the Wigmore diet should not do very heavy exercises and should also over the counter medicines so as to avoid any side effects.

Drinking lots of water every day has been considered ideal in a Wigmore diet. It is advised that pure and clean water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. It also detoxifies the body. Water hydrates the body and also keeps both skin and body healthy. Drinking about 10-12 glasses of water daily also helps to keep the weight under control. It also helps to fight blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

You could always mix and match foods even when you are on this diet. Adding a variety to this dull, boring food helps in long term. Everyone needs a change, and this change would help you in clinging to the diet program for a long time. Some other individuals would also look for interesting ways like detoxification of the body.

Wigmore diet can be the best option for a vegetarian, supported with certain changes which of course have to be healthy and practical to follow as well.

Last but not the least; it is advised that you consult a nutritionist or a dietician in consultation with your family physician. Your family doctor has to give you the green signal. Also discuss your previous medical illness if any; so that you know what you need to do incase there is an emergency. ,

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