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Some Exercise You Do not Have to Do

Some Exercise You Do not Have to Do

Many people have a misconception that all forms of exercise are good for health. However, the truth is that there are certain exercise routines that should not be done by you. You must be aware of the exercises that are not safe at all. Here’s five exercise you either shouldn’t do, or you should only do with caution.Behind-the-head lat pull downs

Some Exercise You Do not Have to Do
People think that doing behind-the-head pull downs is good for health. However, the truth is something else. It has been found that only people who have exceptionally flexible shoulder joints are able to do this exercise safely. The busy desk-bound schedule of modern days result in a poor posture for many people and hence most people will not be able to maintain good movement during this exercise.Leg presses or squats involving deep knee bends
Whether you are making use of a ‘leg press’ machine or doing basic squats, it is not safe to bend the knees deeply as this can make it extremely difficult for the spine to maintain proper alignment. This will increase the risk of injuring spinal discs, lower back muscles and the knees. Seated led extensions
Many people focusing on the quadriceps do this exercise. The posture while doing this exercise can cause serious problem to the knees. The people who are lifting heavy weight in this exercise are especially prone to such problems. There are good chances of running into trouble while doing this exercise particularly if you have prevailing knee problems. Outer and inner thigh machine exercises
These machines are among the most popular machines in any gym. Normally these abduction machines help you in focusing on the inner and outer thigh muscles. Putting pressure on the outer as well as inner thigh muscles in the sitting position is not a good idea as it will increase the risk of hip and lower back problems. You are much better off using an ab exerciser like the Ab Circle Pro, which keeps you in a more ergonomic position during your workout.Upright rows
In the case of upright rows, the person is required to be in the standing position, hold a weight or barbell in the centre having the hands closely, and then bring the weights up. The main problem of this exercise is that the movement will compress the nervous present in your shoulder area.
Avoiding these exercises is the best thing to do because of their various ill effects. ,

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