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Kale Health Benefits

Kale Health Benefits

Although kale is not as well known, popular or researched as its other fellow vegetables like broccoli and cabbages. kale is kind of vegetable that you can still count for some of its unmatched health benefits. That's to its nutrient richness.  Most healthy food website ranked kale stands out for being so healthy that other vegetables have difficulty in matching. In this article we will offer a bit on Kale health benefits

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One of the Healthiest vegetables

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can get, there are many ways to enjoy it. But make sure to cook it properly.  Recommended method is healthy steaming kale for just 5 minutes.  To make sure that the kale cooked evenly. you may need to cut it leaves into half inch slices and steams into quarter of inch of its length. Leave them sit calmly for at least 5 minutes to enhance Kale health benefits promoting quality before start steaming.

The Health benefits

In this section we will visit some Kale health benefits. In short sweet piece of informations.

Cholesterol lowering impact.

Kale has special ability that it can contribute to lower level of cholesterol. This benefit does not lost by cooking but instead improved. Thus why it's recommended to steam it.  The key substance for the kale's ability is its fiber content which can bind with bile acid in the digestive tract.  Once binding take place, it would be easier for the bile acid to be excreted. Resulted with lower cholesterol intake followed by lower cholesterol benefit. Raw kale however still have the ability although might not be as much as after it got steamed.

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Reduced chance of getting cancer

Kale is known as vegetable that can help reduces risk of cancer. Recent studies found that Kale can reduce risk of at least five different types of cancer like Bladder, colon, ovary, breast and prostate.  They key substance in Kale for this wonderful ability is the ITC or Iso Thio Cyanates which based on glucosinlates. So what are you waiting for, get some and steam it to gain Kale health benefits


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