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Health Benefits of Kefir

Health Benefits of Kefir

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This is one ancient fermented daily product with numerous health benefit and nutrition. The origin of kefir is said from the caucasian area, cultivated by locals by pouring a kefir grain. It’s  a highly fermented milk which contain numerous amount of digestion system friendly bacteria or probiotics.  The grain can be poured and able to ferment most types of mammals milk.  In this article we will discuss about some health benefits of kefir.  This article however only serve as introduction. To gain more insight on what good kefir do to your body, you can freely search many scientific papers in the world wide web.

What kefir can do to your body

Health benefits of Kefir #1 : Kefir fights cancer

The consumption of dairy based fermented food has been shown to be able to kill several different types of cancerous tumor in animal. One example of is The Journal of Dairy Science which published study that evaluated the cells in mice's immunity system and discovered that consumption of kefir in regular manner can help stop breast cancer growth. So if you were happen to have risk or already have cancer. Fermented kefir should be on your list on healthy food to consume.

Health benefits of kefir #2 : Detoxification

In the environments, there are many kinds of hostile substances that can attack your body. One exampe is mutagens. substance which can literally alter your genetic material.

One example is Aflatoxins which are food borne toxin and mutagen that created by mold and can be found in many ground nuts (Thus reason why peanut butter can cause allergy and immunity reaction), Crude oils from vegetable (Canola, soybean and cottonseed oil) and lastly grains.

Kefir can literally bind or in other words kill aflatoxins and other form of fungus which can help you preserve your genetic health

Health Benefits of kefir  #3 : Improving bone density

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In 2014. Study was published by the Journal of Osteoporosis International. The research discovered that regular consumption of kefir benefits bone density and reduce the risk of contracting osteoporosis. The researchers discovered that kefir is able to increase the rate of absorption of bone building minerals like calcium and magnesium. The kefir itself however is already a source of important nutrients for bone growth and longevity like Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2.




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