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Whiten natural oils with a face mask

Whiten natural oils with a face mask

The face is a separate asset for women and whites and smooth is their dream. But the high cost of treatment to the salon or dermatologist to make it an excuse to achieve that desire. You do not need to worry anymore, because a lot of fruits and vegetables that can be used as a natural mask to whiten the face . With whites, women will look more shiny and bright. So when wearing any clothes become more confident, there are no bumping color.

Whiten natural oils with a face mask

Whiten natural oils with a face mask

Expel Oil Excess Of Face with Celery

Type of everyone's skin is different, there are skin types normal, dry or oily. The third type are often irritated owners, because it is faster glossy impression on the face, approached pimples and blackheads that accumulate. In addition, the makeup tends to be quickly swept away and fade. Often people with oily feel confident with her appearance, especially when doing outdoor activities. For those who are experiencing them, you can use a natural mask for oily face whiten.

To get the skin that you dream, you should not be lazy to care for him. Of course you will not immediately face became white and not greasy is not it? You must be diligent in cleaning it regularly in the morning and before bed at night. For those who have oily faces should avoid using scrubs and toners too often, because it will be bad. Instead, use a mask made from natural basis for reducing the effects of irritation and allergies.

You can take advantage of celery to make optimal treatment of the skin. This plant can be used as a natural mask for oily face whiten. Step setup is very simple, namely:

  • Clean the celery and cut into small taste

  • Boil celery pieces in boiling water for 15 minutes

  • Once cool, then wash your face with boiled water celery

  • To sink, preferably allowed to stand a few minutes and rinse your face with clean water.

  • Perform routine for maximum results.

Whiten Skin With Cucumber Mask

When the oil has gone from a pretty face you, then, is that your skin looks more clean and not dull. Preferably, this step is also reached by using natural ingredients, besides the price is cheap, practical, easily obtained also practice can be done at home. You can use a cucumber as a natural mask to whiten the face. Actually refreshing vegetable has been widely used in cosmetic products. But in order to achieve maximum.

It is very easy that is by blending a cucumber that has been seeded, then mixed together with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Then you just need to rub it evenly on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Its use can be done once a week to produce a beautiful sunny face. Cucumber helps in lifting the oil and dirt that is on your skin. , ,

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