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Remove hair permanently

Remove hair permanently

The growth of fine hair on some parts of the body are often very disturbing. Fine hairs, sometimes quite long, it can interfere with the appearance of exposed skin, especially the exposed parts such as the hands and feet. So it takes busting permanent hair naturally . Usually the women feel uncomfortable if you have a mustache, which made him look like a man. Hair free skin is a dream, is not it?

Remove hair permanently

Remove hair permanently

Alternatives for Hair Removal

Parts of the body usually covered with fine hair is armpits, feet or hands, although it does serve to filter out impurities. However, for other reasons (in particular cosmetic reasons), women prefer a permanent fur-busting skin look softer and smoother. The process is commonly done is to use drugs, razor, scissors or plucked. Unfortunately, these techniques are sometimes painful, and if not done carefully it can cause injury and infection.

In addition, there are other techniques that you can try. For example, is using a cream or lotion thresher fur. However, you must selectively choose the product with the formula that suits your skin type. Otherwise, the effect will not be the maximum and could even aggravate the skin condition. There is another technique with laser hair removal. However, this method requires no small cost.

Natural Ingredients for Hair Removal Naturally

Steps of the most safe and without side effects is to use ingredients derived from nature, because it is guaranteed usefulness and recognized since antiquity. Removers permanent fur naturally you will side effects that may occur.

Here are some natural ingredients that you can use to cope with unwanted hair on the body :

Concoction of grated turmeric and whiting. Before applying it on the body, preferably saffron dip first into the water whiting. However, the water whiting were used not too much because it can cause heartburn. Use the material is sufficient and not excessive. This mixture is believed to eliminate unwanted hair.

A mixture of sugar, lemon and honey is a more natural permanent fur remover. The trick is: heat the materials together to boil and form a caramel yellow. Spread the caramel into the part to be shaved, then with little. Sticky blob that will allow you to pull the hair so it will not hurt, and can remove dead skin cells so that your skin will be smooth. This technique is called sugaring, and has been offered by the salon in Los Angeles. But the steps are easy to make, you can try it at home.

Blend the egg whites, sugar and cornstarch. You only need to prepare the ingredients and mix them, then flatten the hair-bearing part. Wait until mongering and do the peeling, it is necessary for the plucking. The benefit is to eliminate the fine hair on the body. , ,

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