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Natural hair care tips - Hair loss

Natural hair care tips - Hair loss

Anyone would want a fuller head of hair, black shiny, strong, healthy and beautiful. But it was not that easy. Necessary to take care of your hair naturally to prevent hair loss. certainly difficult for you to make up the hair, as if the scalp is exposed, will give the impression less beautiful. In addition, thin hair faster limp and dull.

Hair loss

Hair loss

Caring Hair Naturally Without Side Effects

Disorders that are often experienced in the scalp generally results in a loss. But you do not need to worry because nature has answered all the answer to every problem. How to care for natural hair i is a way out that you need. You can indeed use beauty products, but the results will not be maximized, if they do not match the type of hair you have. Never get healthy and beautiful hair, your hair can even be broken, dandruff, and branching.

Factors causing this disorder is due to stress, age, genetic or hereditary, diet, chemicals present in shampoos or dyes, hormones and hairstyles. Sometimes we are too anxious or afraid of going bald when every combing or shampooing, hair is left there alone.

Treat hair with natural ingredients

Fruits and vegetables is a lot of usefulness. You can begin to take advantage of existing plants around you as how to care for your hair naturally so as not to fall out . Besides easy to obtain, these materials do not require huge costs. By using materials from nature, you can get healthy hair as it is desirable.

Here are some plants that can be used to care for the beauty and health of your crown:

Celery. Besides being used for cooking, turns the leaves have the ability to stimulate hair growth, so the result will be more shiny, dense and healthy. This is because a lot of iron, calcium, sodium and vitamins A and B. The trick is to shove into powder and mixed with eggs. Then leveled in all parts of the hair, allowed to stand for 30 minutes and rinse.

Aloe vera. Try to get a large size. To use: cut aloe vera into two parts and wipe the mucus into the hair, and then do massage to be absorbed into the scalp, after 30 minutes wash with water. Aloe vera contains vitamins and minerals that serve to thicken and nourish hair.

Candlenut. Perhaps for the mother is no stranger to using this material to thicken, discolor also prevents hair loss. Grilled or roasted seeds to exit the oil, then mash and apply on the scalp while doing massage for 15 minutes. To clean it, you can use the shampoo. In the pecan are Vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin E, minerals, iron, zinc, amino acids, proteins and phenolic antioxidants. ,

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