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How to Treat Hair Loss From Roots With Aloe Vera

How to Treat Hair Loss From Roots With Aloe Vera

Women but also men. The hair is becoming increasingly thin because of loss that can not be addressed can lead to permanent baldness which can trigger a sense of inferiority, especially if the patient is still young. If there are friends or relatives, or maybe your own experience hair loss problems, you can try to treat hair loss with traditional recipes from the aloe vera plant.

How to Treat Hair Loss From Roots With Aloe Vera

How to Treat Hair Loss From Roots With Aloe Vera

Treating hair loss with aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera has been known since long ago as a material for hair care. Along with the rapid advancement of technology in the manufacture of cosmetics, natural ingredients are then processed in a modern becomes shampoo, hair tonic, or other skin care cream. But if you prefer to use natural ingredients to address the problem of hair loss, you can use the following way,

Take the rod aloe vera and then wash thoroughly and cut into two pieces to get the mucus. How to treat hair loss with aloe is very simple: apply on the hair from root to tip of hair until evenly while gently massaged so that the nutrients in the mucus of aloe vera can be absorbed. After that wrap the hair with a towel and let stand for 15 minutes or half an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

Treating hair loss due to dandruff from the roots

Dandruff can be the culprit of hair loss because hair follicles so the hair becomes brittle easily dislodged. How to treat hair loss from the root with aloe require somewhat different methods with the above recipe. After the hair and scalp smeared with mucus aloe until evenly wrap a towel overnight and rinse the next morning.

This would be a more effective way to get rid of dandruff and overcoming hair loss. As a bonus your hair will be shiny, soft, and easy to set as aloe vera can also function as a conditioner. But you must remember that the results that you can not be instant because it uses natural ingredients, but it is certainly more secure and cheaper than using chemical drugs are expensive and may cause side effects.

The content of aloe vera to nourish hair

Aloe vera contains a variety of ingredients that are beneficial to our overall health such as anti-bacterial substance called anthraquinone, mannans acetate, lectins, polymannans, and saponins. Besides Aloe vera also contains several kinds of vitamins, fiber, amino acids, minerals and other substances that 200 kinds of beneficial for the body.

One of the compounds in aloe vera is useful to stimulate hair growth by circulation of blood and nutrients to the hair roots. Therefore, the aloe vera plant deserve to be regarded as one of the ways to treat hair loss from the root. , ,

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