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Cause of acne and acne types

Cause of acne and acne types

Skin disease is a lot of species, one of which is a small painful lump. There are several kinds of acne are often approached and disturb our appearance. It is caused by an imbalance of hormones, cosmetics that do not match, the genetic factors of the elderly, unhealthy lifestyle and microorganisms trapped under layers of the skin because the pores are closed by dirt, grease and dust. These factors can result in inflammation and acne arises.

Cause of acne and acne types

Cause of acne and acne types

Some Types of Acne on the Face

According to the National Institutes of Health, 80% of our body parts ever seized by skin problems, like acne. Most kinds of acne is not dangerous, but if the treatment is not done quickly and accurately, then growth can be spread to the surrounding area along with oil and bacteria when the rupture, and cause inflammation. If it has been turned into the greater, will form a lump that is very sick.

This skin disorder is often attributed to the teenagers who just turned puberty. It turned out that the expression is not always true, because the parents are aged 30 to 40 years are also often experienced. Inflammation caused as often whitish blob and make the skin becomes reddish hue. It was certainly very disturbing appearance, you become confident to meet others, especially on some of the work that promotes beauty also make you avoid it.

According to some sources, this skin disease can be categorized into several types. Various acne and causes that will be presented here are three:

Common acne, its characteristics is the presence of small-sized lumps in pink and gradually became red. This disorder is most prevalent. Contributing factors such as stress, hormonal, and paste a lot of dirt on the face due to oily skin, so that it becomes a place for the growth of bacteria are trapped under the skin.

Cystic acne or commonly called cystic acne. Its size is larger than the previous types accompanied by pain. This type is most disturbing, because it usually grows wide and almost evenly on the skin and cause a disturbing sight. may from parents or close relatives, causing excessive oil production and cover the pores, slow cell regeneration and the skin is too sensitive.

Blackheads are divided into two types. The first type is open, it looks like part pores become bigger and then turn black. The cause is a blockage in the pore, but because of the influence of the air oxidation discoloration. Both are closed blackheads, shaped like a small white bumps under the surface. Triggers are growing above the skin pores are clogged. This can occur because of lack of personal hygiene, so that oil and dirt.

By knowing the kinds of acne and its causes, you could certainly take precautions if you do not want the appearance disrupted due to the presence of acne on the face. ,

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