Sunday, March 20, 2016

How to wear eyelashes with visible results natural : False eyelashes is an accessory that is not strange anymore, where its use is sufficient to use glue and mascara. However, many people do not know how to wear false eyelashes without making it look fake or unnatural. The main purpose of the use of false eyelashes is to give the impression of longer eyelashes and dramatic, yet such that the impression remained natural and as an extension of your own lashes.

wear eyelashesHow to wear eyelashes with visible results natural

You need a few extra items like mascara, eyeliner and glue, but with some objects and simple steps, you can create a natural look to the lashes. Also make sure you avoid common mistakes in the use of false eyelashes.


Common mistakes when wearing false eyelashes

Did you know that the use of false eyelashes you during this time may be wrong? Many people, who because of habit, continue to maintain a way of wearing false eyelashes false so it does not achieve the desired results. To avoid the same mistakes, make sure you do not do the following:

Not cutting the end of false eyelashes. Cutting out the false eyelashes and not to destroy, but it is advisable if the length of eyelashes is not the same as your eyelids.

Replacing false eyelashes by pasting it from the front, not the top. This makes a lot of people miss when gluing eyelashes, making his position too high above the lash line original.

Pressing-pressing or holding false eyelashes immediately after affixed. This will actually create a position of false eyelashes that have been affixed with a good shift, until you position the plans corrupted false eyelashes properly. The result was not going to look natural.

False eyelashes can actually be installed easily and the result would be very good, as long as you know how.

Here are the steps how to wear false eyelashes right to the natural result:

  • Measure false eyelashes in a way put to the eyelid, then cut a little part of a rather prolonged.

  • For applying the glue, apply first used on the backs of the hands, and then paste the false eyelashes to glue it.

  • Paste false eyelashes from above to be as close as possible to the line group again eye. Let stand without pressed-press.

  • Greed mascara that fake eyelashes and original can be united, then apply eyeliner to the lash line at the end to disguise the shape of false eyelashes.

By applying the lashes pals way u wear this, you can get results that look natural, false eyelashes where it will not tip or stand out because of the excess. Surely embarrassing if your eyelashes fall in the middle of an event due to improper installation, is not it? , , , , ,

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