Sunday, March 20, 2016

Foods Women Should Eat More to Keep Fit : In general, women are known for their big concern on their fitness and physique. They can go for great lengths in order to achieve their ideal health. However, women should be reminded that they do not necessarily have to spend more and undergo operations to be healthy and to look better. There are certain types of foods women should eat that can accomplish what certain medical procedures and dietary supplements promise. Here is a list of the top foods that women should be eating more so that they can achieve their goals.

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One of the recent health trends is the inclusion of cod fish liver oil. It is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which is typically useful in fighting off emotional and hormonal disorders among women. Also, cod fish liver oil has twice the amount of Vitamin D compared to other foods. So, this combined with an ample amount of sunlight can help you avoid being plagued by osteoporosis in your later years.

Food with lots of fibers should be included in your diet as well. However, you should be more careful in choosing such products because there are certain variants that can give you more problem than benefits. The best fiber-enriched food that you should get is those with whole wheat or whole grains. On the other hand, foods that are made with white flour should be really avoided since they are nothing but empty carbohydrates. Read the labels during your shopping trips so that you can pick the right bread or pasta for you.

Red meats should not be included in the list of foods to avoid but in the list of foods women should eat instead. These foods are great sources of protein and good fatty acids. However, you should remember that such foods should be taken in moderate amounts to avoid certain types of diseases. Similar to the red meats are the dairy products, such as milk and cheese. These foods, if taken with great control, can be very essential in achieving your ideal body.

A recent food trend among women is yogurt. This is very good for not only women, but for everyone in general, because it contains a good amount of good bacteria. These good bacteria are needed for proper digestion and bowel movements. Also, yogurt is a dairy product, so it also contains calcium that is needed by the women to avoid osteoporosis.

Finally, vegetables, especially the cruciferous ones, are foods women should eat regularly. Several types of cancers and other disease could be effectively prevented by including this type of vegetables in your diet. The antioxidants and indole-3-carbinol in the cruciferous vegetables are the ones responsible for such great benefits.

As a final note, the foods mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many good and healthy foods that you can enjoy so staying healthy can still be fun and varied. Also, to really maximize your healthy lifestyle, try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day and do not forget to do regular exercise as well. , , , , , ,

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