Sunday, August 9, 2015

How To Quit Coffee

Really Simple HealthHow To Quit Coffee - A simple method to lower your caffeine consumption is to blend your full strength coffee (tea or soda pop drink) half and half with a decaffeinated variation for a few days. Then blend one part complete caf with 2 parts decaf for a number of days. Then blend one part caf with 3 parts decaf for a number of days. Then blend one part caf with 4 parts decaf. By the end of the week, you'll be off caffeine.

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Another alternative is to consume espresso, which contrary to its high octane track record has just about half the caffeine per single working as drip, perked, or pushed coffee. Going from drip to espresso or caf Americano (warm water plus espresso) immediately cuts your caffeine load in half. From there you can relocate to half caf espresso then to decaf espresso. You'll be thrilled with the full bodied taste of decaf espresso versus the drip things if you're a coffee enthusiast. If you're not familiar with caf Americano, see your preferred coffee shop, where you'll discover it on the menu. Or click on this link to discover a video showing ways to make your very own Americano in your home. ,

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