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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Body Transformation Weight Loss with Jumping Rope

November 08, 2017

You may feel jealous and also envy when you see body goals from those who succeed in doing their diet. It is not easy to make body transformation weight loss because diet is not only about changing your habits and meals but you need to workout as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to train your body harder because you can do simple exercise that can make your body slim, perfect and you may build muscle as well.

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How to Get Body Transformation Weight Loss Using Rope

Getting the perfect body transformation weight loss is not easy and you need to workout because dieting only can’t help you to lose weight. You don’t have to exercise harder and you just need to move your body a lot. One exercise you can do everyday is jumping rope. All you need is just a rope and you can jump over it for several times. This exercise is so cheap but it gives you the biggest impact. You can do this exercise though you just have the small space. Just spend little time and you can exercise to lose weight as your daily sport.

There is a technique to do the jumping rope right so it will be effective to burn fat. You can warm up your body by jumping for 3 minutes but you can use light jump only so you will not be tired right away. After that, you can do jump for 100 times in traditional motion. The traditional jump means that you have both feet jump together at the same time and you may jump based on the count. You will not add extra jump or jump twice in between. After finishing your 100 jump, then you need to do another 100 jump rope with sprints. It means you need to do it faster than before.

You have to repeat this act again with format so you will not be tired. You may do the first jumping rope and sprint jumping rope for several times. You have to focus on doing this because the simple exercise can make body transformation weight loss easily.

Try The Fun Recipe of Fruit Shakes to Lose Weight

November 08, 2017
Dieting is considered as the hardest path for everybody who wants to get the perfect shape of body without fats. The hardest part is because they have to give up on some favorite comfort foods they used to eat before. But who says you can’t consume yummy foods or drinks when dieting? There are so many fruit shakes to lose weight you can try with simple ingredients but it gives big impact to your body and you can suppress your appetite.

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Fruit Shakes to Lose Weight Made of Simple Ingredients

If you want to lose weight, then you have to cleanse your body. You need to make all your fats out off your body and you can do it by consuming healthy foods including fruit shakes to lose weight. You can search for some easy, quick and simple recipe so you can drink it or bring it everywhere. The first recipe you can try is strawberry smoothie and this is the recipe:

  • Prepare one cup of frozen strawberries or fresh strawberries

  • Prepare one cup of skim milk or low-fat milk

  • And prepare 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil which is organic and cold-pressed

Put all ingredients except flaxseed oil into blender and pour to the glass. For final touch, you can add flaxseed oil. Though it is simple, it contains around 216 calories so one serving can make you full longer with natural fats and sugar

Strawberry is not the only fruit you can consume during diet because you still can try so many recipes of smoothie to spoil your tongue and besides strawberry; apple is great for you diet since you are suggested to take Apple Cider Vinegar to lose weight. However, you can try this smoothie recipe made of apple as the following:

  • Prepare 2 tablespoons of cashew butter

  • 1 apple in medium size, wash it, peel it and chop it

  • 1 teaspoon of spice for apple pie

  • 6 oz or around 80 calories of vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt

  • ½ cup of soy milk or you can change it with skim milk

  • Ice

Put all ingredients in the blender with ice and blend for about 1 minute until they are all mixed and corporated and put into the jar or glass. You can replace your daily meal with Apple smoothie since it contains 482 calories in one serving so you can be full already when you drink it whole while doing regular activities. You can also make another recipe of smoothies with some ingredients like blueberry, banana, pineapple, mango and more.

Combine some fruits or you can search for more recipes if you want to drink fruit shakes to lose weight with so many varieties to make you enjoy the diet process.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Best Vitamin for Hair Growth is Vitamin E

November 07, 2017
Many women want to have long hair so they can change their style anytime and they can do whatever they want with their hair. However, if you do nothing and you just wait it to grow naturally, it will be long and you must help to support its growth. One thing you can do is add best vitamin for hair growth from inside or outside so it can grow faster than before. Vitamin also helps your hair grow healthily without problem like hair fall or dandruff.

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Vitamin E Can be Considered as Best Vitamin for Hair Growth

Before buying any supplement or hair oil, you need to know the the best vitamin for hair growth so you can buy the right one as the following:

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is skin’s friend and your body needs it so much and also it becomes the most unwanted vitamins because it is good for your body from head to toe. It is rich in antioxidant that can repair and also produce tissue which is the most important and essential thing for your growth of hair. You can get vitamin E from soft capsule or supplements sold by drug store easily and the price is affordable. You also can get the vitamin from some foods for example broccoli, avocado, seeds, almonds and more. You need to know the benefits of this vitamin for your body and if you use it directly to your scalp while massaging it, you may stimulate it to grow faster. It can reduce the inflammation while increases the circulation of blood because it gives supply of oxygen that will repair the damage inside follicles. You need to massage your scalp using vitamin E twice a week to support hair growth.

If you want another home remedy, you can mix about two soft capsules of Vitamin E with coconut oil. Apply directly onto your hair and scalp. Massage it with circular motion and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. You can find another best vitamin for hair growth at the store or you may get it naturally.

Types of Vitamin for Hair and Nails Your Body Needs

November 07, 2017
People can see and tell whether you are in healthy condition or not by seeing hair and nails. Those two parts of your body are the sign of your health. Based on the Mayo Clinic, nails are almost fully made of protein and hair also absorbs the nutrition given. To make them strong and shiny, you need vitamin for hair and nails no matter if you take all-in-one supplements, consume healthy foods and avoid bad habits you always do before.

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What Kinds of Vitamin for Hair and Nails You Need to Consume

 To know the right vitamin for hair and nails, you have to know the types of vitamin you need to get which are proved as the best nutrition for your nails and hair as the following:

  • Vitamin C

The first vitamin you need to have is of course the most important element for your body which is Vitamin C. This is the essential thing you can’t produce by your body and you can get it from foods or supplements. Why Vitamin C is so important for your body? It can produce the substance called collagen and collagen is important for nails and hair. If you don’t have enough collagen in your body, then you can get some symptoms like hair splits, thin hair, dry nails and your hair along with nail can grow faster. Besides that, Vitamin C is important for immune system and it can heal bruises and cuts faster.

  • Vitamin H

Perhaps you never heard about it but Vitamin H is a part of Vitamin B-complex which can’t be stored but your body can produce it by bacteria which live inside your intestines. Based on the University of Maryland Medical Center, Biotin’s deficiency is so rare but it can occur if you absorption of nutrient is impaired by medication and illness. Vitamin H is needed for keeping your hair, skin and fingernails healthy. If you don’t have enough Biotin inside your body, then you can get brittle nails and poor growth of your hair. Nowadays, you can get biotin from drug store or you can consume food that contains this Vitamin.

  • Iron

A mineral you need to have inside your body is iron because it can produce the cells all over your body. You can find it inside the blood which is attached to molecules of oxygen. Iron can occur as the result of absorption of nutrients is impaired by medication and illness. If you don’t have enough iron in your body, the most common symptom you may experience is anemia including fatigue according to National Institutes of Health.

Fill your need of vitamin for hair and nails but if you can’t fill it through foods, you can choose supplements either.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth is Possible

November 06, 2017

Who doesn’t want to have white and shiny teeth? Many people want it so they can smile widely everywhere and show their healthy tips. They also avoid some foods and drinks that can make their teeth turn yellow. Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth are possible though many people say you can’t do it since there are so many whitening options you can choose based on the perfect one and also your budget. You can own your perfect smile for long time.

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You Can Do Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

When it comes to teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, you need to be careful before taking an action. Sensitive teeth are different from normal teeth. If you have sensitive skin, you can use two whitening methods which are non bleaching or bleaching products. While doing bleaching, you need to use peroxide as the main ingredient and peroxide can change your natural color of your teeth and it lightens both internal and surface stains. However, if you use non bleaching products, then the products will focus on surface stains only but the internal stains will not be removed.

Sensitivity is something common for your teeth and this is the side effect after whitening it or after bleaching method based on the ADA or American Dental Association. Also, for those who don’t have sensitive teeth in the beginning will feel the sensation of pain right at the beginning after whitening treatment. It is caused by the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and it reaches the layers and after that, it stimulates the nerve ending. Actually, bleaching method can irritate your gums in your mouth especially when the trays which are used for whitening agent are not suitable very well.

However, for those who already have sensitive teeth that want to have perfect smile with white teeth, many people recommend you to get non bleaching product which can be used by yourself at home without going to dentist. You can also use natural ingredient which are believed to whiten teeth naturally.

You can consult first to your dentist if you want to do teeth whitening for sensitive teeth so you can get the perfect smile as you wanted without disturbing your teeth.

How to Remove Plaque From Teeth Using Things in Your Kitchen

November 06, 2017
Every time you put something inside your mouth and your teeth don’t stop working until you sleep. You have to clean it always if you want to get the perfect smile without stain. Plaque is human’s enemy and it is hard to remove if you don’t know the better way. How to remove plaque from teeth? Instead of going to dentist and spending much money, you can try traditional way using natural ingredients that will help you removing it.

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How to Remove Plaque from Teeth Using Natural Ingredients

 There are many natural ingredients as home remedies you can use as tips on how to remove plaque from teeth as the following:

  • Baking soda

For years and years, you know if baking soda can remove stain everywhere no matter what the thing is. You can use baking soda to clean your kitchen stuff, floor, clothes even your teeth. You can clean your substance of teeth. You just need to use in in one tablespoon and add with pincj of salt. Mix it well and you can use your toothbrush and dip the brush into it and clean your teeth just like you brush your teeth regularly and after that, you can rinse it.

  • Vinegar

Though it is not a pleasant way for you since you can’t stand the bad smell of vinegar, however, it is natural way which guarantees you to get your best, strong and perfect teeth. It is so effective despite of the aroma. You just need to use two tablespoon of vinegar and mix it with one tablespoon of salt. Add that mixture into 4 ounces of water. What you need is gargling it for few seconds and repeat the method until the water mixture is gone. Do this way for 2 until 3 days in a week if you want to get the faster and better result.

There are so many tips on how to remove plaque from teeth you can search on internet so you can try other ways to protect your teeth.

How to Get Rid of Acne Marks with Sugar?

November 06, 2017
When someone tries removing acne but it has not dried yet, then the acne will leave scar and marks that can’t be removed easily. Your skin will not be smooth anymore and it is bad for women. They will lose confidence to face other people or take close up photo because they don’t want their face to be seen. So, how to get rid of acne marks to get the clean face back? You can use something natural and organic ingredients to soften your skin.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Using Natural Ingredient

Pimple marks can make you lose confidence and you will not be ready in facing other people with your current face right not. So, how to get rid of acne marks? It is not the simple thing to do because you need to search for something natural and organic for your face because chemical products will make it worse. Pimple marks will make your face look like a bumpy road or moon. The surface is not smooth so you can’t face to face with other people without putting on some make up to cover it.

Scrubbing is the perfect way for you to get your smooth skin back and you can use seasonings inside your kitchen like sugar. Sugar is not just the sweetener inside your foods and drinks. Sometimes sugar is considered as bad ingredients for some people because you can gain weight if you consume it in huge amount, your sugar level will make you sick and more. However, sugar is skin’s best friend and this is the best therapy for your acne scar and the most important thing is it is homemade.

Actually sugar contains alpha hydroxy and also glycolic acid which can remove dead skin and also it can support the new cell generation. You just need to simply mix the organic sugar made of pure sugar cane with olive oil. Mix it with 2:1 ratio and then you just need to add some drops of lemon juice until it forms like a pasta but not too watery. Scrub your face with this mixture with round movement. You just need to do this way once in every two or three days. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it.

After that, you can use moisture to make it soft. It is better for you to search for natural and organic moisture product with Vitamin E inside because your face needs it so much. Vitamin E can heal your pimple marks and soften your skin face so you will get the better and quick result without waiting too long.

How to get rid of acne marks? Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend much money in getting your smooth skin back since sugar is your solution.

How to Get Rid of Chest Acne Using Home Remedies

November 06, 2017
The most common skin problem people always deal is acne. This is something everybody wants to remove it forever because they don’t want to have unhealthy and bad skin due to this problem. However, acne can’t be found on face only but on your back and also chest. How to get rid of chest acne? It is better to treat it with natural ingredients and home remedies so your acne won’t be worse and there will be no scar or black spot there.

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How to Get Rid of Chest Acne Using Natural Home Remedies

For women, having chest acne is so embarrassing because they can’t wear dress or t-shirt with V-neck line which is the most popular style in fashion right now. They can’t wear it because their chest acne will be seen and it embarrasses them. If you want to wear those kinds of cloth, the first thing you need to do is removing the acne forever. How to get rid of chest acne? You can use natural ways instead of using chemical products that can worsen your acne and spread it out to your back also.

The first way you can apply at home is using Apple Cider Vinegar. This beneficial liquid can be perfect for you because it can balance the pH level of your skin and if your skin’s level of alkaline is perfect, then the bacteria can’t penetrate you skin anymore. In using this apple cider vinegar, you can apply this way such as:

  • A teaspoon of ACV

  • Cotton ball

Place the ACV onto the cotton and after that you can rub it thoroughly onto the infected chest with acne directly, Leave it for 30 minutes or it is better to use it overnight before sleeping anf when you get up, you can take a bath directly.

This is the simple way you can do but ACV is not the only one ingredient you can use because there is one more to apply which is Aloe Vera. As you know, nowadays you can find so many products made of more than 90% of Aloe Vera and it is the solution for your face and body. It is also perfect for your chest acne because it can soothe the infected area. If you feel itchy on your chest but you don’t want to scratch it, you can apply Aloe Vera and to apply it, you can do these steps which are:

  • Use the Aloe Vera product or you can directly use the leaf and cut it

  • Take the gel from the leaf and rub it onto your chest

  • Leave it for 10 minutes until it dries

  • You can wash your chest and do it for twice a day

How to get rid of chest acne? Use Aloe Vera and apple cider vinegar as the natural and simple treatment.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast with Home Remedies Using Natural Ingredients

November 06, 2017
Stop using chemical products for you hair if you love it so much. Though you may get faster result, it doesn’t guarantee if your hair is healthy. It is not only you who want to have long and shiny hair but you need to know the better ways to do it. How to make your hair grow fast with home remedies? There are some simple recipes of home remedies to grow hair you can make it at your home without difficult ingredients and you can make it faster.

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast with Home Remedies with Natural Oil

No need to be confused in searching for the best tips on how to make your hair grow fast with home remedies because you can find it easily and you can choose which one is simpler for you than others. You just need to make sure that you get the best treatment in natural way because the result would be great instead of using chemical products which are bad for your hair. When you want to make it grow longer but faster, all you need to do is massage your scalp very well to stimulate your hair.

By massaging your scalp regularly, you can increase blood flow to your head and as additional support; you just need to use essential oil or light oil to help you in massaging your scalp. The use of this moisture oil can help your hair strand with some fatty acids which are needed to make it longer. You can try making your own natural and light oil using these ingredients such as:

  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil

  • 1 tablespoon of macadamia oil

  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil and

  • 1 cup of natural coconut oil

Mix them all and apply it onto your hair and scalp. Massage your scalp very well for few minutes and rinse them well. You can use shampoo to remove all oil perfectly. You also can use this way regularly so you can get the perfect, long and shiny hair.

It is important to massage your scalp and hair using natural and organic ingredients besides those ingredients which are things you can find in your kitchen since you use it for cooking or making salad. However, there is also another simpler recipe you can use without spending much time to blend the ingredients. You can use castor oil because it contains fatty acids, vitamin E and also omega 9 of fatty acids to stimulate and promote the growth of your hair naturally and healthily.

To make this mixture, you can mix it well with other natural oil too in the same amount. You can mix it using almond, coconut or olive oil. You can apply it onto your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 30 to 45 minutes. After that, you can wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. If you don’t like the smell of natural oil, you can mix it with thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary oil to give the good smell as the essential oil. You need to be diligent in doing this treatment.

You don’t need to be confused anymore in searching for how to make your hair grow fast with home remedies since you can maximize the use of natural ingredients around you as treatment.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

What Are Liver Cleanse Side Effects

November 04, 2017
Many people and also medical practitioners believe that cleaning your liver will make it healthy because toxins are all removed so you can prevent yourself in catching disease. You just need to find those which are good for your liver. Meanwhile, you have to know about liver cleanse side effect since all methods you do might have risk and by knowing the side effect, you can search for the better solution without destroying your clean diet.

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Liver Cleanse Side Effects You Need to Avoid

 Every action must have risk though it is healthy like cleansing your liver from toxins. If you don’t do it right based on diet plan, you may experience the huge risk. One liver cleanse side effect you need to know is dehydration. Though in cleansing your liver, you have to drink so much fluid made of healthy, organic and natural ingredients, but dehydration is something common on the procedure of live cleanse. Some ingredients for example, Epsom salt may increase urination and also bowel moves. Some people experience nausea and irritability caused by dehydration and you need to take action.

While cleansing liver, you need to drink much water and if you feel like flying or lightheaded, then you have to stop cleansing for a while because it may the sign of dehydration. Another side effect is overdose. Magnesium sulfate you can find on Epsom salt can be toxic if you use it in large amount. You need to use it in safe range but never add it too much because you think it will make the cleanse activity faster and it will enhance cleanse. If you overdose of Epsom salt, then you may feel muscle weakness, low blood pressure, vomit, coma and the worst scenario is death. Read the procedures carefully before using it.

Blockage is another effect and they have problem with it. If you feel blockage, then you might experience severe pain. Though you think you use natural ingredients in making the remedies for your cleanse activity, but it doesn’t mean you can consume or drink it every time you want. Avoid liver cleanse side effect for your better organ system.

How to Detox From Alcohol and Craves for It?

November 04, 2017
Never expect to live longer if you consume alcohol mo matter what the occasion is. Alcohol is human’s friend because wherever they are, there will be always alcohol. You drink it when you meet and hang out with friends, you drink it when you are stressed out or you have problem. How to detox from alcohol? You need to find the way because you may get heavy diseases if you consume it regularly for long times no matter what the amount is.

[caption id="attachment_461" align="aligncenter" width="500"]How to detox from alcohol How to detox from alcohol[/caption]

How to Detox From Alcohol with Vitamins and Minerals

If you want to be free from alcohol and stop drinking it before it is too late, all you need to do is finding your best way on how to detox from alcohol. Some people might choose simple ways like taking medicine and the practitioner will prescribe you some best medications like Ativan or lorazepam, Librium or chlordiazepoxide and Valium or diazepam. However, some people might choose to use natural treatment they can do at home without prescription and use something natural. If you want to be free from alcohol, then you need to take Vitamin B complex found in some ingredients.

If you are lazy enough to make it by yourself, then you can take supplement of it plus Vitamin B1. After that, you need to take also lots of Vitamin C supplements, zinc, magnesium and selenium. You can search on the internet what kind of food containing those minerals and vitamins. Perhaps, you may also combine L-glutamine and amino acid to fight against your craving for alcohol. Meanwhile, supplements which contain alpha lipoinc acid and milk thistle will help you to fully recover from this abuse. Also, you have to eat light and fresh foods such as vegetables and also fruits to fulfill your belly.

The minerals and vitamins inside it will actually cleanse the toxins given by alcohol. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to eat it directly in huge amount because your body will not be ready to do it.

How to detox from alcohol? It is something you need to do regularly and slowly but the result might be great for your body instead of living unhealthy.

How to Make Workout and Diet Plan

November 04, 2017
Basically, your diet plan depends on the goal you want to reach. If you want to build muscles, then you need to follow the perfect workout and diet plan. If you want to reduce weight, you need to maintain and set your attention to food choice. That is why, you can’t just workout without being tired to build muscles and also eat less because you want to lose weight since there are rules and important things you have to follow.

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Workout and Diet Plan for Healthy Goal

If you want to lose weight while getting the best shape of your body, then you need to follow workout and diet plan as your guide. The plan to workout is designed to get shaped while burning fats. You can just do a marathon of workout without knowing important rule because it will make you get injury. In creating plan for workout, you need to write down your expectation and also the limit time you want to do it. You have to know how much fat you want to get rid from your body and also you need to ask yourself whether you want to build muscle or not. You have to think also the best exercise to do it whether you want to do fitness or you want to do light exercise you can do without needing tools.

Besides making workout plan, you need to create your meal plan. You can’t just skip your breakfast or you don’t eat in a day just to reduce weight. You still do three times of meal per day but with little twist inside. You need to think what ingredients you need to remove from the diet list or ingredients which are not even suggested to be eaten when you diet. You need to search and also arrange the menus for your breakfast, lunch and also dinner. However, between the meal times, you have to arrange snacks to extend your hunger. However, in designing the menus, you have to know the calories intake per meal. It is useless if you just eat without knowing the calories total since this is important.

If your goal in doing diet is losing weight, then you have to lose around 0,5 until 2 lbs every week. If this doesn’t work since you can’t lose weight based on that amount, then all you need to do is reducing the calories intake around 250 calories per meal to know the result. Meanwhile, if you tend to build muscle, then you should lose around 0,5 lbs per week. Don’t forget to reduce your calorie intake around 250.

By thinking of the workout and diet plan perfectly, you diet will go smoothly and you don’t make any mistake at all in gaining your goal.

How to Cleanse Your Body at Home?

November 04, 2017
Losing weight is literally easy as long as you are discipline enough to follow the rules and also you don’t break something on your diet plan. However, not many people know how to cleanse your body easily since if you take the wrong action on your diet, your body may feel the effect. That is why you need to choose and search for the better diet plan to detoxify your body and get your perfect and slim body as the result of your diet.

[caption id="attachment_455" align="aligncenter" width="500"]how to cleanse your body how to cleanse your body[/caption]

How to Cleanse Your Body Easily During at Home

Cleansing your body is not cleaning yourself from the outside only because you already do that everyday while taking a bath. What you need is things that can cleanse your body from the inside. What you eat consist toxins and fats so you have to search for the best way on how to cleanse your body easily. Don’t think about the recipes to make some foods and drinks with natural or organic raw ingredients because you can do something little but simpler than just exercising hard without ending. You can spend your spare time in sauna and get sweat. Do this often instead of using your time just to lay down on your bed or in front of TV while holding snacks and also sodas as companion.

You can stay inside sauna regularly and meditate there while getting sweat because the heat inside the sauna will make you sweat more and it can flush out your toxins. Besides that, it can reduce your weight also since sweat contains fats and you can do it regularly, all your toxins will be out and also you can get healthy. It is good for your health also and your mind. However, if you want to flush out your toxins inside your body especially inside some important parts which have the biggest roles inside it, you can drink tea especially green tea which is full of antioxidants. Herbal tea can hydrate your body and it makes you full so you wouldn’t want to overeat with other kinds of food.

Tea contains caffeine but you have to know if the caffeine inside a bag of tea is different from coffee because it is gentler to your body system and it can burn fats while protecting your body from radical. Of course, the best food for you to consume if you do detox diet is organic foods which consist of vegetables, fruits, organic nuts, whole grain and more.

Combine these methods and you can make your schedule to do it all as your way on how to cleanse your body easily at home and you don’t need much money to do all.